Witnessing the best coverage with Punjab News

The Punjab News aspires to be one of the best emerging news platforms of the contemporary times. The channel has been staging the best coverage around the clock whether it has been news of The Farmers Protest , instant news, situational coverage, special interviews, interesting food vlogs , bringing forth the crucial topics concerning the national issues, Political Front, interviews or every news holding the imperative indispensability of the media platforms.

The interview hosted by them with the eminent as well as crucial personalities put light on various hidden and unspokable issues which really needs to be addressed for a civilised as well as a peaceful society, state and Country while the news Presented them follows the 5 ‘V’ of data and information i.e.Volume, velocity, variety, veracity and value which are the key elements while presenting the facts and information in front of viewers.

The channel manifests the true spirit of media and journalism. The channel operates for the audiences via its social media platforms like facebook, twitter instagram and video Sharing platform YouTube positively.The rise of Punjab News as North India’s leading news channel within a short span of its existence owes a lot to the vision of its chairman and the dedication and toil of its ever-growing team of bright news media professionals.

Punjab News