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Self awareness is one of the most important virtues of a civilised man in social world society. It keeps you familiar with Nature and the way with which any task or happening occurs. News from a local area as well as the whole nation is often important to advise people in a locality about activities that may have an impact on a community. This can allow a community to engage in decision making processes in a community. For example if a local community reports on a dangerous road or accident hotspot reporting these can be later used as evidence to lobby for funding to fix a problem.

Punjab News

This is the type of role the Punjab News provides while covering important news and special interviews . The channel has been covering each type of crucial news and interviews before any one. This is one of the major reasons that Punjab News has been in the list of growing news channels in North India, especially Punjab. The activeness of the reporting and coverage team while doing so makes this successfully possible.

The conclusion can be drawn that news is really very important. Due to the increasing impacts of news media rendered by it, the Punjab News channel has got a new role to play as a helper of the society. With their good attempts and exact coverage of news, it really helped to bring out a change in the society and will continue to do so in coming ages .

Punjab News